I couldn’t bear to miss out on a great opportunity in these digital marketing readiness subtleties due to seasons of outstanding security in the unstable internet and digital age where we have digital attacks, specific software engineers and different sources that can take on our clients, customers and our own data.

Before diving into the 5-S housekeeping model that Japanese people actualize in their own and business world, I felt the lack of need to specify the Japanese educational system in a few words, which I could list below:

• It is interesting to note that the Japanese educational attainment is higher even compared to world standards.

• Learning mathematics in Japan in schools is treated like learning a language and that is in sync with Galileo Galilei’s explanation “Mathematics and science are the language of the universe.”

• Its Education System emphasizes Morals, Manners and Etiquette before information and until the age of 10, Japanese students do not worry about writing exams.

• Japanese students are trained to be considerate of people, imbued with liberality, and gentle with all living beings and living creatures as well.

• Most Japanese schools do not have custodians or caretakers. Students collaborate on the premise of rotation and prepare to clean, clear, and clean the classrooms, the school, and the entire yard. They first become familiar with the specialty of collaboration and participation before becoming familiar with any topic.

• Most Japanese schools have a standardized menu for lunch and it is provided by the school to create a family atmosphere.

• After school, young people attend different workshops, eg calligraphy, verse, writing, science, etc.

• Almost all students must wear a uniform similar to the standard in the Middle East and India.

• Similarly, as in India, students show deep respect for their educators and bow in welcome.

• There is an extraordinary compatibility between educators and students, and the instructor welcomes each student with a generous smile every day, calling them by name, connecting visually, benevolent non-verbal hi five or a handshake with a couple of statements uplifting.

What I gather from this is that we can all follow this shine of conduct and treat our guests, customers, clients with sympathy and display successful authority.

The Five (5)-S Cleaning Model, continuing in business, deserves to update our Leadership in Digital Marketing as well, to have a repeat customer, to generate trust, devotion and security with them, thus managing to build our trustworthy image.

The 5-S cleaning model can be clarified as follows:

1. SEIRI: Refers to deciphering unnecessary things in the work environment and discarding them. Only the necessary things should be kept in the workplace, in the place to sit or at home.

2. SEISO: Refers to the complete cleaning of our work environment so that there are no residues on the floor, machines or hardware. In this way, our work environment, the place where you sit or the place where you live, remains free of dust and must be impeccably clean.

3. SEIKETSU: Refers to preparing our relatives in workplaces, workplaces, and living places (homes) to follow good housekeeping. This is conceivable through the ability to be a self-aware order among people.

4. SEITON: It refers to organizing everything needed in a decent application so that they can be easily obtained for use. As Benjamin Franklin puts it, “A place for everything, everything in its place.”

5. SHITSUKE: refers to maintaining high expectations of cleanliness in their workplaces, places to sit, or homes through preparing people to follow a high discipline of cleanliness and autonomy.

We could apply similar standards and methodologies in our digital marketing and have similar planning as we build our site in terms of safety, security, wellness and maintaining an amazing expert connection with our customers, clients, guests, etc. with empathic correspondence. throughout the jaunt to rat race independence and even continues reliably even after that.

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