Do they really make themselves believe that they are governed by a democracy? If that were the case, as we have been led to believe over the years, why are candidates, both Democrats and Republicans, spending billions of dollars to win elections? You know, it’s interesting how we think we’re better than everyone else, when that’s not the truth. Three Books To Read If You Love Politics: 12-Hour Work Days, Parents Helicopter, Serving One Purpose And Forsaking The Other, Why It’s Easy To Control People When They Are Fear: Trump’s Power Motivation And Admiration by Putin, the numbers game.

We cannot celebrate our freedoms if we cannot afford a slice of bread, work our fingers to the bone for a single meal, while members of Congress and the United States House of Representatives wreak havoc, carry out billion-dollar campaigns. dollars and are well behaved. like they don’t have an obligation to raise the minimum wage, vote to confirm Merrick Garland, etc., that’s a problem. Democracy cannot be bought with any amount of money, no matter how small. Democracy must be free and citizens must decide who runs them.

What happens when there is so much money involved in the political process is that the very concept of democracy, true democracy, weakens. Those who spend their money funding their candidates have the last word, whether or not it is in the best interests of the middle class.

The working poor were discharged before they got here. Every country in the world, large and small, is corrupt and ineffective. Its leaders don’t care about their citizens, but about themselves. Thinking of some countries as civilized … in others not … involves you in their narrative of corrupt government methods where whoever has the most money has the loudest voice.

It is through ending private campaign donations that genuine changes will take hold. Nothing will change if we continue to tolerate greed, corrupt campaigns, loud politicians, tough talk, partisan politics, no oversight of any kind, etc.

Democracy is when each person casts a vote for a candidate they believe is highly qualified, not duped into voting for a candidate whose spending methods are shady, dubious, and gangster. There is no point in voting for a gangster-like government, where the safety and well-being of citizens is a deciding factor. Trump and Clinton, really? What a shame! Then there are Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, both with Alzheimer’s-like symptoms! Are you kidding me?

I do not understand why our voice no longer accounts for anything. The records of this year’s elections in terms of polarization, hatred, division, discrimination, etc. That must change; Let’s go back to the basics: respect, discipline.