If you’re planning a trip to Florida, specifically Orlando, chances are you’re looking for cheap Orlando travel deals and tips. Who better to advise you than someone who has lived in the area for 36 years. Yes that’s me, I’ve lived here most of my life so I can offer you a little help for your vacation.

First, with regards to theme parks, watch out for a lot of pitches from people selling timeshares and offering you “free Disney tickets” and such. Are they a scam? Well, some may be. And even those that are legitimate can actually waste a great deal of your time and also put you in such an aggravated frame of mind that you won’t be able to enjoy your “free” tickets. I use quotes around the word free because I don’t think any of the timeshare sellers are actually giving you free tickets. You can end up with tickets without spending any money, but in the long run you have wasted a lot of your time and hassle and therefore it is not free.

But on the other hand, my cousin is a master at these things. He has gotten a lot of free tickets by listening to these spiels. Frankly, I don’t know why he does it, but he does it, over and over again. So for those of you who are determined to consider this a cheap Orlando travel deal, and really want to give it a try, your method is to simply ask how long the sales pitch will last and demand that they stick with it. Don’t take no for an answer. Be firm and don’t allow yourself to be diverted from your goal, which is free tickets (or whatever they offer) within a specific time period in which you listen to them.

So to more cheap travel tips to Orlando. Let’s talk about restaurants. If you limit yourself to theme park areas, you won’t find many places that I would consider local “secrets” for great and relatively inexpensive restaurants. But there are a couple of places that I highly recommend if you want to venture away from the tourist areas and into the city of Orlando and its surroundings. I could really write a full article on this topic alone, so I’ll only mention a couple of places here. If you are looking for Italian food, Amalfi’s Italian restaurant and pizza is excellent. It is located at 523 South Chickasaw Trail. I used to work in this area and ate there at least twice a week. Unfortunately, I don’t go out that way anymore, but it’s worth the drive and definitely worth including in cheap Orlando travel tips. Good food, good prices. If you want to go a bit out of your way to the surrounding Apopka area, you can find what I consider to be THE best seafood restaurant in the south called The Catfish Place. This one is definitely considered a locals secret and has the best catfish, silent pups, cole slaw, just the works. I really like this place!

Finally, for one more cheap Orlando travel recommendation for you, I highly recommend renting a car. Compare prices online before you arrive to find the best deal. I generally find Enterprise to be very useful and inexpensive, and have used them exclusively for many years without a problem. But sometimes if you use Travelocity or another online agency, you can find a deal online, and if you do, go ahead. The Orlando area is too vast to try to navigate public transportation. Much much cheaper than simply renting a car.

Use these cheap Orlando travel tips to start saving money and enjoying an enjoyable trip to Florida.

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