Apple has set a new standard in the mobile phone market with its Apple iPhone. Loaded with cutting-edge technologies and features, this mobile phone maintains its position of usability and quality.

The Apple iPhone feature terminal is a virtual keyboard that supports wireless Internet connectivity, digital music, camera, and video capabilities. A striking feature of this smartphone is that its keyboard complies with the user’s fingertip instructions only. The keyboard will not react to keys on other objects while the device is in a pocket or bag. It is available in two models, one is 4GB and the other is 8GB.

It has more in its store besides the music player, it is completely powered by third party web 2.0 applications. This application supports increased interactivity and secure data access and transaction capabilities. The dimensions of this device are 11.6 x 2.4 x 4.5 mm and it has a wide screen that displays touch screen controls. The controls help the user to enjoy all the contents of this device like music, TV shows, movies, audio books, etc.
The user can capture high-quality photos with the 2-megapixel camera on board the Apple iPhone and it also helps to upload the photos in this widget to the photo-sharing sites. In this way the user can share his selected photos with his friends. Google Maps on the iPhone provides the ability to not only search the maps. It also gives you access to business locations and find directions to unknown locations.

In case the user forgets to take his bag with him and is in dire need of a cash transaction, he can still make such a transaction for movie tickets, restaurant meals, etc. with just one touch of the pay button on the iPhone. Because of this, the architecture of the iPhone indicates that developers can create innovative applications for this gadget. Even if you’re away from home, your iPhone provides video access to your sweet home. As such, you can be aware of your home security even if you are not at home.

The Apple iPhone also allows the user to efficiently sync the contents from the iTunes library on the user’s PC. Therefore, the contents are accessible at the touch of a finger. It allows the user to not only scroll through their favorite songs, but also allows them to scroll through their favorite artists, albums, and playlists with the flick of a finger. The album art display is also a smart feature of this device. Another attractive feature of this iPhone is that the user can make calls through this smartphone by simply pointing a finger at a name or number in the address book. All these features make this device more than just a communication device.

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