In any group of 80-year-old women, 55% will experience significant scalp hair loss.

hair thinning

Female pattern hair loss is often first noticed when the amount of hair shed each day increases and this results in thinning hair all over the scalp.

The normal amount of hair that falls out in the course of a day is 50 to 100 hairs. Therefore, women over the age of 50 who experience more than 100 hairs per day may be seeing the effects of FPHL.

What are the causes of hair loss in women over 50?

Scientists believe that the causes of hair loss and alopecia in older women may be related to the genes we inherit from our parents. Most women with FPHL do not have a hormonal imbalance as the cause of their hair loss.

How long does it take for female hair loss to progress?

Most commonly, it begins to occur after menopause and progresses intermittently. A noticeable increase can last 3-6 months and then the amount can level off for 6-18 months, until the hair growth cycle starts again. Without the best treatment, it often progresses to alopecia (baldness).

Chemical treatments for hair loss

FPHL cannot be cured. However, there are some very useful products on the market. By altering the balance of hormones produced in the body, they can prevent it from getting worse, slowing or stopping hair loss.

hormone blockers

Some treatments for mature women are based on drugs that block the production of certain hormones. These can be taken as tablets and combined with a hormonal solution that is massaged into the scalp.

Hormone blocking treatments must be followed for at least 6 months before they can start to have any effect. This type of treatment varies from country to country depending on regulations. Long-term medication is usually necessary to continue to prevent hair loss. No product can guarantee that hair will grow faster or thicker, but some women have been clinically shown to experience hair regrowth.

All hormone treatments must be prescribed and supervised by a doctor.

natural treatments

LA BIOSTHETIQUE has been treating female hair loss for the last 50 years with pure, natural ingredients, so it seems clear that these experts know how to prevent hair loss from increasing.

Shampoo – Biofanelan Shampoo from LA BIOSTHETIQUE is a gentle cleansing treatment that prepares the hair for subsequent treatment.

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Vitamin Ampoules – Ergines Plus Vital is a splendid treatment for damaged hair shafts, like a course of “vitamin injections” for your hair, with visible improvement.

Aromatherapy: Visarome Dynamique R supports hair growth and prevents nutritional deficits in the cells of the scalp and hair roots. This delicious blend of essential oils including rosemary, sage, geranium, lavender and thyme has a beneficial and invigorating effect!

LA BIOSTHETIQUE products soothe with healing natural extracts of fruits and flowers while protecting and nourishing with important vitamins, minerals and lipo-amino acids.