More and more women are looking for natural cures for Candida, what we commonly refer to as a yeast infection. Of all the treatments available, holistic treatments are some of the only ones that have actually been shown to work. So is it possible to find a yeast infection cure that really works and works fast?

Healthy bacteria are necessary for the body to survive, but when the Candida albicans fungus begins to multiply, it causes infections in the body. Vaginal yeast infections can be very embarrassing, painful, and bothersome, so it’s important to treat the infection as soon as it’s discovered because it can spread and get worse.

A vaginal yeast infection cure that is natural will target the Candida albicans and promote the growth of healthy bacteria at the same time. By controlling and limiting the growth of yeast, it is possible to get rid of all the uncomfortable symptoms that yeast infection brings and, more importantly, prevent future infections from occurring.

Natural cures provide immediate relief from itching, burning, and pain. and the many other bothersome symptoms that the infection causes.

Have you tried various pills, creams and douches to cure your infection without success?

Diet is one of the biggest factors that causes yeast to grow and multiply in the body. Try these 7 home remedy solutions today for immediate symptom relief.

Keep the vagina clean and dry.

  • To relieve itching and burning, healing needs to occur, so keep your vagina clean and dry. When you use the bathroom, clean your vagina completely. Put some unscented powder on it, like Goldbond powder or baby powder. The Goldbond powder should take away some of the itching, and if there is burning from a sore, it should take that away too. Use a fragrance-free soap like Neutrogena facial bar soap when you shower.
  • Don’t use dyed toilet paper. Diet
  • Eat a clove of organic garlic in the morning, minced, with a glass of water. Garlic is a natural fungicide that will kill candida.
  • Avoid brewer’s yeast or foods rich in yeast.
  • Eliminate all sugar from your diet, such as sodas, cookies, added sugar in tea and coffee. Yeast feeds on sugar, so you need to starve it. After the thrush has cleared up, you should also watch the amount of sugar you eat or drink so that the thrush doesn’t come back.
  • Take a probiotic like Acidophilus every day. Your body needs good bacteria and Acidophilus will help you get rid of the bad bacteria. You can also use yogurt that contains Acidophilus. home treatments
  • Sit in a hip-high tub of warm water for 20 minutes with 1 cup of salt (base) and 1 cup of vinegar (acid). This will bring the pH of the vagina to 4.5. If your yeast infection is very painful, place a large clove of fresh garlic in your vagina. Don’t put it too far though. Let it act for a few hours or overnight. This will ease the pain pretty quickly.

If you’re suffering from yeast infection, you probably don’t have time to waste on treatments that don’t offer immediate relief or prevent the infection from coming back. The best cures available will isolate Candida albicans and kill it, not only making thrush symptoms go away, but also helping you avoid future thrush infections.