Learn all about caring for and feeding your pet Basset Hound

Basset Hounds were bred to hunt small game such as rabbits. Everything about a Basset’s head set has to do with tracking. Long ears, folds in the skin on the neck, wrinkles around the face all work together to pick up and hold a scent. A stocky body, strong nose, large feet, and large bones also contribute to the Basset’s hunting capabilities.

According to most Basset Hounds pet owners, if you’re looking for a great family dog, he’ll certainly fit the bill. They love not only their master but all members of the family equally and are gentle and affectionate with children and other pets. They may bark loud and low when a stranger enters the house, but, for the most part, they are interested in hunting or hunting-like behaviors, playing games, and sitting with loved ones. Bassets can be apartment pets, but a lot of exercise is required to keep them fit and healthy. Mellow, could be a good adjective to refer to the Basset.

Their sweet nature makes them easy to train as long as their owners are firm and consistent. Rules must be set and you must train your Basset mascot to follow them. Their highly powered sense of smell becomes something of a liability when their owners try to educate them, for two reasons. This breed smells so good that it will instinctively urinate in an area that smells like urine. Care should be taken to clean and deodorize any area where a pet has urinated. Also, if a Basset is in the act of hunting for the source of an odor that has been picked up by his sensitive sense of smell, it is difficult to determine whether this hunting is inside or outside. This is where confidence and persistent training will be very important.

Like many other sturdily built, short-legged breeds, weight gain should be avoided to maintain prime health. You should feed your Basset Hound pet natural dog food with no harmful additives or fillers. Do your research, talk to your vet and breeder before choosing food.

If possible it would be a good idea to make your pet’s food at home. You can buy good natural food but make sure you are seated when you check the price. Making the food at home will allow you to know exactly what is in it and the quality, as well as being less expensive. Make large batches and freeze for convenience and cost savings.

There are hundreds of dog food recipes so you can have a wide variety. Make sure the food contains only nutritious natural ingredients with no grains or anything artificial. To prevent your pet from bloating, you should feed him 2 small meals a day, rather than one large meal.

Try to take your pet Basset for a walk every day. Make sure they are on a leash as they will follow a scent and sometimes not respond to commands. If possible, find a dog park so he can run around and play with other dogs. If you’re lucky enough to live in the countryside or near an open area, they’ll enjoy being able to crawl and run your content.

Your pet will be shedding, so brush it often. Not only will this help with the shedding problem, but it will also be something they will enjoy and look forward to. Make sure he gets plenty of affection, as well as gentle but firm discipline. With all this you will have a complete, obedient and loyal pet that the whole family will love.