In the 21st century, all kinds of household appliances are essential for every home. Modern home is highly dependent on these equipment.

It has many applications that can serve the purpose of not only homes, but also institutions or commercial places. The electrical machines that we use in our daily activity can be broadly classified into two groups, Large Appliances and Small Appliances.

Large household appliances are the consumer products and are also known as home appliances. These are large appliances that used to be painted and only available in a white enamel finish. However, despite its availability in various colors today, the name has stuck. They are usually stationary and take up a lot of space. Now a day small portable home appliances are manufactured by many companies.

Large household appliances have facilitated household chores such as cooking, washing, cleaning, reducing time and energy consumption. They include all types of equipment used in the home, such as:

Kitchen appliances




blenders grinders



bread warmers

scorching electric iron

kitchen stoves induction cookers

induction cook

Other appliances


water heater

Trash compactor

washing equipment

washing machine


drying cabinets

The other group of home appliances, small appliances, are also called home appliances. Small appliances like

CD and DVD players, telephones and answering machines, home theater, game consoles, camcorders. Small appliances are mainly portable or semi-portable and do not take up as much space as large appliances. The name brown items derives from the fact that these types of items were often kept in brown wooden cabinets. Some types of products were often traditionally finished with wood or Bakelite.

However, the service areas of these large and small appliances vary widely. While brown appliances imply high technical knowledge and skills, white appliances mainly require practical skills and “brute force” to manipulate the devices. Heavy tools are required to repair them.

As major appliances have become a general necessity for every household and the market becomes more and more competitive, manufacturers are now combining style with durability. Appliances are now available in a glossy plastic finish. They are available in a wide range of colors as well. Steel grey, glossy black, red, blue are some of the common colors that are available in home appliances.

However, manufacturers should keep in mind that when buying these electrical equipment, the consumer’s choice is highly influenced by some emotional factors. Effective manufacturers’ policy must work with these factors. Those who work on policies aimed at influencing purchase.

The first and most important thing that attracts the attention of the consumer when buying any electrical equipment is the level that provides a longer warranty period. The labels should come with the life cycle costs of the products. It indicates that the consumer has potential savings over the life of the product purchased. Therefore, the policy should work with retailers to promote the cost of living of products rather than the purchase price of the good.