Air Handler Work

If you ever find yourself wondering how an air handler works, the first step is to understand the mechanism behind how these machines operate. The function of an air handler is to process and push large amounts of air into buildings. A variable-speed air handler will adjust its speed according to the temperature of the room. The result is consistent temperatures, higher efficiency and a healthier indoor environment compared to single-speed air handlers.

The air handler contains a blower motor which moves air into a home. The most important part of an air handler are the condenser coils which cool or warm the air depending on the setting of the thermostat. It is usually situated inside the house and operates in tandem with the present heating and cooling systems. It resembles a furnace and works with either a heat pump or other kinds of HVAC systems.

An air handler also consists of a fan and an air filter used for controlling indoor air quality. The supply air fan is usually the same as the one used by the heat pump but larger. The return-air fan is only found in larger air handlers. Air filters are installed in both the supply and return ducts to prevent pollutants from getting in the indoors.

How Does an Air Handler Work?

Air handlers are usually located on the exterior of a buildings. The blower and condenser coils are the primary parts of an air handler. The unit can be a standalone device, or it can work in conjunction with a heat pump or an electric heating system. The condenser coils both cool and heat an environment depending on the thermostat.

An air handler works by filtering the air coming into the building. The pre-filter removes any particles that might be in the air. A good air filter should also have a high-efficiency final filter. A pre-filter can be useful for removing allergens, dust, and other particles from the air. The final filter is what allows the air to be filtered before being circulated. HEPA filters are the most effective kind of filters for this purpose.

An air handler is a complex piece of equipment that contains many different parts that can be found in large metal boxes known as modules. Their primary function is to regulate the flow of air through the building. The air handler may be similar to a furnace, but it can also be designed to work with the present air conditioning system.

An air handler is an effective additionto any HVAC system. It controls the flow of air in a building. It uses a fan to move air in and out of the home. The fan also controls the air’s temperature and humidity. Once the air is conditioned, it sends the hot or cold energy to the rooms of the home. A thermostat allows the user to set temperature and other settings within the air.

Air handlers can be placed in the attics of houses for higher efficiency. These useful HVAC machines have an array of features other than just heating and cooling such as ventilation and doubling as dehumidifiers. If you are considering buying a new air handler, is best to contact an HVAC expert to give you a professional recommendation and install it for you properly.

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