Nose Wax

If you’re looking for an affordable way to get a hair-free nose, you can use a nose wax kit. The Kenashii Nose Wax Kit removes hair from the nostrils in minutes, leaving them hair-free for up to four weeks. It uses soothing chamomile and aloe-enriched wax to remove the hair that’s visible, while leaving the hair that’s deep inside the nose untouched.

Nose hair is a sensitive and a nuisance, so most people opt for a nose wax kit. However, the procedure can last a long time. The process involves stripping the hair off its root and applying a hard wax to a wooden applicator. The tech then inserts this applicator into the nostril, going just inside the ball. A full nose wax can last up to four weeks.

You can also opt to go for DIY options. Nad’s Nose Wax Kit is a great way to remove long, unsightly hair from the nose without visiting a spa. The wax is applied using the SafeTip applicator, which fits inside the nostril. After about a minute, the wax hardens to remove the hairs. This is a great way to get rid of those hairs that make you feel self-conscious about your appearance.

How Much Does a Nose Wax Cost?

If you’re considering getting your nose hair waxed for the first time, here are some recommendations to make it as painless as possible.

When choosing a nose hair removal method, make sure to find one that doesn’t use strips. Hard wax is gentler and will not cause damage to the skin. You can even wax the same area a second time, if you want to. To ensure a more comfortable experience for your client, try waxing one side at a time.

You can find plenty of alternatives to plucking. Waxing is an easy, pain-free way to get rid of hair on the nose. It’s gentler than plucking and will leave your skin feeling clean and smooth afterward. Waxing is also a good choice if you don’t have time to visit a salon for a full nose wax.

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