Many people now want to covet clear and rosy skin. Unfortunately, the sun can make our skin dark, dry, and unsightly. Prolonged exposure to the sun can significantly darken our skin and can also make us more susceptible to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The good news is that there are many treatments that can quickly lighten your skin and give you the clear skin you’ve always wanted. Let me tell you some of the best:

1. Mix alum powder and honey. Wear this as a mask. Apply it on her skin generously and let it sit there for an hour before washing it off. Alum crystals can be purchased at a pharmacy or health and wellness store. Pound the crystals until they turn to dust. Mix it with honey.

Alum can help lighten skin. Honey also has whitening properties so it can improve the color of your dermis. Use this treatment every night until you achieve the results you want.

2. Papaya and lemon juice have whitening properties. Try to get the extract of ripe papaya. You can also mash it up and mix it with a cup of lemon juice. Massage the mixture all over your skin. Be sure to apply the mixture religiously so your skin can absorb the whitening agents in the ingredients. Let it sit there for an hour before washing it off.

3. It is also important to take vitamin C supplements. This can help inhibit the excessive production of melanin in your body. This vitamin can also make you less susceptible to sun damage.

Vitamin C can also be found in fruits and vegetables. Try drinking freshly squeezed fruit juices to supply your body with vitamin C.

4. Look for a whitening moisturizer that contains Extrapone Nutgrass, Phytessence Wakame, and Manuka Honey.

Extrapone Nutgrass is a kind of plant with root extracts that can inhibit melanin production. Studies have found that this plant can actually make your skin whiter by up to 45% within the first two weeks of use. This is an ideal ingredient for people looking for quick and easy solutions.

Phytessence Wakame is not really a whitening agent, but it can make your skin less susceptible to skin damage and less susceptible to skin darkening. This seaweed can help preserve healthy levels of hyaluronic acid. This is the acid needed to lubricate the collagen fibers.

Manuka honey can even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of blemishes. It also works well to retain moisture in the skin cells and tissues.