One of the key steps to making money with AdSense is choosing the right topics to write about. If you’re writing about things that people aren’t searching for, you won’t get a lot of traffic to your blog, and in turn, you won’t make a lot of money through the AdSense program.

To find out what are the appropriate topics to write about, let me first share with you a little story.

When I started a blog, I had that initial excitement of putting my ideas online. There’s nothing like seeing your words expressed online for the whole world to see. And I remember when I checked the statistics of my website and I saw that people from Holland were reading my blog. I had gone international, I thought.

He had almost 100 visitors a day from all over the world reading what he had to say every day. Over a one-month period, this amounted to just over 3,000 visitors. I was initially excited by this issue and decided to put AdSense on my blog to see if I could make a living online using Google AdSense.

However, my enthusiasm quickly faded when I realized that with 3,000 visitors a month, you can’t even fill up a tank of gas.

How many visitors per month does it take to be successful with AdSense? Well, you can roughly estimate that you will earn between $5 and $10 for every 1,000 visitors. So, with a whopping 3,000 visitors, you could earn a measly $15 a month. That won’t exactly pay the rent. Heck, even 3,000 visitors a day won’t pay rent.

So what is to be done? Abandon?

Absolutely not! I set out to learn everything I could about AdSense. The first rule I learned was that you have to write about what people are searching for.

When I look back on what I was initially writing about, it was stuff that was personal to me. I wrote about relationships, books and movies. These themes are fine, but if you don’t implement the right keywords, the keywords that people search for on Google, no one will read what you write. Well, some will read your posts, but not enough to make money from AdSense.

Therefore, I set out to find out what people are looking for using some tools available on the Internet. Some of these tools are free, while others cost a bit of money. However, if you want to earn a viable income online, you need to write about what people are looking for to make it worth paying a little money.

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