Marriage, the once-in-a-lifetime event, should be celebrated in a royal way, and when it comes to royalty, Rajasthan is the first choice for Indians to exchange wedding vows. The land overflowing with princely elegance is rich in customs and tasty in gastronomic varieties. The splendor of the land lies in its hospitality, value and above all its cultural heritage demonstrated through fortresses and palaces. And this attracts the Indians to make Rajasthan a witness to their grand marriage functions. Some of the popular wedding destinations in Rajasthan include Jaipur, Jaisalmer, and Jodhpur among many others.

Only two people are interested in marriage: the bride and the groom; others are more interested in satiating their taste buds. The perfect kitchen keeps people buzzing throughout the event. The Rajasthan desert is rich in desserts. Most foods are dominated by pure ghee. And what comes first in Rajasthani dishes, Dal Baati, is eaten after being dipped in ghee. Another similar dish is lapsi, which is made from cracked wheat sautéed in ghee and sweetened with brown sugar or sugar. The medieval-style feast with traditional varieties still dominates the menu in Rajasthan.

Artistic décor with a touch of royalty will definitely dazzle your guests. Everything from the entrance to the wedding setting should flaunt royal elegance and grandeur. The red color adds aesthetic richness to the event. From the carpet to the curtains, everything should be dyed red. And the wedding throne, on which the bride and groom will sit, should be eye-catching and eye-catching.

A traditional Indian marriage means a magnificent display of culture, traditions and customs associated with the caste and the community. But today’s wedding planners can create an environment where you want to get married; simply select your theme and the event management people will give the occasion a relevant look and feel. If the wedding is organized with a royal theme, the grooms are usually dressed in the traditional Indian Sherwani and the brides in the sumptuous Chaniya-Choli or Saree. Brides prefer their Chaniya-choli and Saree, either embroidered or designed by skilled craftsmen or designers.