Kenya is one of the emerging economies in East Africa and offers enormous business opportunities for aspiring foreign entrepreneurs. There are great opportunities available in civil and construction works and related consulting fields. However, there are many other opportunities available to applicants in various other fields, most of which are in the service sectors. In order to submit responses to Kenyan tenders, it is necessary to verify the requirements. With the payment of the necessary non-refundable fees and compliance with the requirements of the floating tender, any foreign company can submit a bid to win the tender. However, reading the tender specifications and following up after submitting the response are important aspects of winning the tender.

Kenya, one of the emerging economies in East Africa, offers many business opportunities for foreign companies. Despite the fact that the country remains predominantly service-oriented, there are many other opportunities ahead for potential bidders to win Kenyan tenders.

Great opportunities in construction sites
If one follows the current bidding opportunities in Kenya, it is the construction works that offer the greatest scopes for aspiring bidders. Currently, more than two hundred such bids are active in the market and the options chart has been trending up all the time. There are also an almost equal number of floating tenders related to construction, civil works, accounting and finance related to such construction works.

Other important opportunities in Kenyan tenders
Aside from the more plausible opportunities available regarding construction works, there are other opportunities awaiting prospective entrepreneurs trying to win Kenyan tenders. Chemicals, chemicals and synthetic fibers; electrical machinery, apparatus, equipment and consumables; food products and beverages; machinery, equipment and appliances; products and equipment related to the automotive industry; pharmaceutical and medical products; rubber, plastic and film products; and products related to the electronics industry. A growing sector is repair, maintenance and installation services.

How to Submit Responses to Kenyan Tenders
Aspiring entrepreneurs can obtain bidding documents from the Nairobi Procurement Office by paying specified fees. Generally, a non-refundable fee is associated with each offer. The contributions are deposited in the National Social Security Fund and can be paid in the form of a bank check or in cash. In contrast, tender proposal formats are available in popular print and electronic media and the Internet. Bidding documents must be accompanied by all mandatory and regulatory documents and requirements specified in the floating bid.

Keeping track is important
Interested bidders would be well advised to keep a record of the documents and also familiarize themselves with the mandatory and technical requirements of the tender prior to bidding. The legal requirements in Kenya are different than in many other Western countries. Therefore, the bidder must have a good look at the legal aspects; especially when said bidder is a foreign entrepreneur.

The main objective of any tender would be twofold. One of them is that the bidding process will allow the inviting company to get the best contractor at the cheapest. Another goal is for the process to provide a level platform for bidders to submit their responses in a neutral and objective manner. Potential bidders for Kenyan tenders would do well to take this into account.

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