Designing Fixtures in PCB Assembly

A fixture is an integral part of the PCB assembly process. It holds the printed circuit board in place for insertion and soldering of components. Its design is important for the success of a production run. A good fixture design will allow the assembler to produce high-quality assemblies and minimize the time it takes to do so. It will also reduce the cost of assembly and testing. Choosing the right fixture for a project can be difficult, but there are some things to consider.

Test fixtures must be built with durable materials that can withstand regular usage and long storage periods. Typically, they are constructed with reinforced aluminum housing and shock resistance coating. This material is also lightweight, providing a great balance between durability and quality.

For a test fixture to be effective it must have adequate space between its component pads to ensure that the corresponding test points can be properly positioned. This space is important for a tight vacuum seal during the test machine’s vacuum drawdown. Ideally, the test point clearance should be 0.125 inches. In addition, the height profile of each test device needs to be taken into account, especially for high density components.

The quality of a fixture is also affected by its electrical wiring and connectivity. This includes the capacity probe, switches and sensors. Each of these needs to be tested for functionality, and a complete wiring check should be performed to check for shorts wires and open connections. The fixture should also include a DO NOT POPULATE column that will indicate which parts are not to be populated on the PCB.

Key Considerations For Designing Fixtures in PCB Assembly

It is important to look for a fixture vendor with a solid business qualification. Customer testimonials and references are the best way to get a feel for a company’s stability and responsiveness. It is also important to visit a vendor’s production facility and talk with their machine operators and technical staff. This will give you a good idea of the quality of the equipment and their maintenance plans.

Lastly, a good fixture vendor must have a process in place to protect the fixture during shipping. This will help avoid any damage to the fixture and reduce the chances of a costly production delay. The packaging must include sufficient padding and a secure shipping box. The vendor should also provide a detailed description of the shipment process.

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