Bored of classic mahogany and teak in your dining room and looking for modern furniture ideas? This is a good place to start.

Functional art or modern furniture?

The 1900s spawned a group of designers who began to break away from traditional bulky wooden furniture, toward styles more suited to smaller urban spaces.

These modern (and postmodern) designers made use of lighter structures to create bold, functional designs that incorporated eccentric elements from Art Deco to Pop.

Minimal and reflective are the synonyms of style. To put together your dining room, you’ll need to embrace simplicity.

What is the modern look?

Gone are the rich embroidered textiles and intricate carved patterns that accompany traditional furniture. Modernism demands smooth surfaces, clean cuts and geometric designs.

Natural textures and solid color themes should blend together to create a vibrant and relaxing atmosphere.

The designs are flexible and multifunctional, so you can easily fold or enclose the pieces together. A popular example is the dining table with attached folding leaves.

These small structures can be opened and folded to accommodate larger groups on special occasions. Another great example is the loaded beverage cart and food cart hidden within a part of the sideboard.

What materials work best?

Polished dark wood is a formal material that gives a classic feel, while unpolished light woods are more playful and have a more contemporary feel.

Modern homes feature more alternative materials like stainless steel, chrome, plastic, glass, and molded plywood. When it comes to textiles for seat covers and upholstery, you can’t go wrong with leather, silk, organic hemp or pure cotton.

The modern look is also global. It borrows liberally from Asian and African motifs and themes.

Dual textured pieces often combine exotic materials for a fresh look. Following eco trends, the fusion of sustainable materials such as wicker, jute, stone, cane or bamboo with modern materials such as glass and steel or even traditional wood, also create a unique style.

How much furniture is too much?

A modern dining room should not have too much furniture. There should be no clutter. You can choose a ready-made set or select individual pieces with a common theme, but choose only the basics. Invest in a small selection of smart, no-nonsense pieces that go well together.

A dining table set, a sideboard, matching twin cabinets and a single serving cart with hot plate are more than enough furniture for an average sized dining room.

The dining room is a special part of the house. This is where everyone gathers to eat and socialize. The whole family and occasionally friends get together to share, laugh, eat and celebrate the existence of others. The atmosphere you create in this room will bring you many happy memories.

So make it a special environment that bears your badge of warmth and comfort.

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