Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles, California. This makes her a Gemini sun sign. Gemini rules multiple things and is a symbol of twins, so the fact that she was born under the name Norma Jean Baker and married three different house names three times is very Gemini.

Boredom, a common Gemini theme explains three marriages and divorces as her destiny, along with Jupiter in her seventh house of relationships would mean that she attracted many wealthy suitors interested in her and Jupiter-type men, including her spouse, Joe Di. Maggio to Sagittarius. was born on November 25. With the moon in her 7th house, relationships were very important to her and I’m sure she internalized / got excited frequently, especially when they weren’t working out. The moon in the spouses’ 7th house would also indicate that she wanted to feel safe with her spouses, in part because Monroe lacked a strong family foundation in her early years. Unfortunately, Aquarius ruled the cusp of their marriage in the 7th house, so divorce or unexpected things that happen around the partnerships would be his destiny, including his highly publicized relationship with John F. Kennedy.

Neptune in her first house of appearances explains the addictions that the public and the world had with her, and that she would appear in a movie. Besides, it would also be part of the reasons why she was addicted to pills and got drunk sometimes in her life and wanted to sleep all day. Neptune in the first makes you more sensitive and many will seek therapy with Neptune in the first because Neptune governs depression, deception, addictions, not living in reality or wanting to escape, especially in the first house of Monroe, this would explain that she I would like to escape. reality often. It is interesting that people became addicted to her and, in order for her to cope, she resorted to addictive substances.

Next, her rising sign, the personality that she showed at first glance, was in the fire sign ruled by Leo’s entertainment, which would describe her as the glamorous sex kitten with a lot of focus on her platinum blonde hair that was striking. It would also indicate the attention that she would draw upon herself and that she is too dramatic and is known to be difficult to work with at times, especially later in life.

As the most beautiful woman in the world and a sex symbol for her time, the painting indicates insecurity with herself and internal struggles and would explain her addictions. Born with an aspect of Moon Square Saturn, Monroe would be very hard on herself and would experience family challenges throughout her life, especially with her mother and probably very few people, except that her therapists came to know the true heart and soul. of the famous sex of the United States. symbol.

Born with the Sun in the tenth house of how it was seen in the world, this indicates a famous aspect on the chart. With Chiron, the wounded healer in conjunction with the midheaven, the world would certainly view her as wounded. Also, Venus in conjunction with the ascendant would once again be a sign of your super femininity and beauty in the world. Taurus in midheaven would mean that earning money would be important to her, and she would be seen in the world as someone who used her sexy voice for her work.

The aspect of Saturn in Scorpio in the fourth house of the home would again confirm the challenges in her home life and how difficult it would be for her to achieve stability in her home life during her lifetime.

Your karmic north node in Cancer in the twelfth house of your letter asked you to head toward Cancer, and to have stability and security in your home life, as well as to focus on your spirituality and health, but was interrupted when you unexpectedly passed away. . from an overdose on August 5, 1962 and the very young age of thirty-six. On the day of her passing, Uranus in transit was conjunct her natal Neptune in the first house and Neptune in transit was conjunct her progressed Saturn in the fourth house of the home, both indicators that she was not seeing herself clearly. and that she did not feel safe at home. Also, unexpected things related to drugs or alcohol could happen to you at the time of your death. Perhaps this explains the theory that he may have died from an accidental overdose.