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Many fire victims discover that their insurance doesn’t fully cover their losses, such as replacing lost personal items, repairing damaged vehicles, rebuilding homes or businesses, and restoring landscaping. Our Maui fire lawyers are able to help recover these under-insured or uninsured losses, as well as additional compensation such as emotional distress. We will work with the best experts in wildfire investigation and reconstruction to make sure you are properly compensated for your losses.

Our Maui fire lawyers Can Help You File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Hawaiian Electric Several residents of Maui are filing lawsuits against Hawaii Energy and its subsidiaries over the deadly wildfires that devastated the area this summer. The lawsuits claim that the fires could have been avoided if the company had shut off power lines during the high winds and dry conditions.

Hawaiian Electric’s failure to implement “Public Safety Power Shutoffs” – an industry standard introduced after devastating California wildfires – allowed the fires to spread quickly. In the lawsuits, residents say that the utility company knew that Maui is a fire-prone region and that extreme weather would increase that risk. They claim that the company prioritized revenue and profits over keeping its customers safe.

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The lawsuits also allege that the utility company knew that high winds would likely “topple power poles, knock down power lines and ignite vegetation.” They argue that if the electricity was switched off during the fires, they may have prevented the destruction of homes, businesses, places of worship and historic structures.

Hawaiian Electric fire lawyers

According to the lawsuits, 115 people were killed and thousands of others were left homeless by the fires that tore through West Maui. The fires destroyed more than 5,700 structures and caused billions in damages.

While the causes of the fires are complicated, the initial spark is thought to have been a downed utility line that caught fire. The utility lines were reportedly not properly maintained and were exposed to dry conditions and high winds from Hurricane Dora.

A lawsuit filed by the county of Maui against Hawaiian Electric claims that the company’s negligence helped cause the fires. The lawsuit alleges that the fires were caused by the utility’s negligence, trespass and nuisance. The suit also states that the fires were exacerbated by the presence of a wildfire-friendly environment and by the lack of proper forest management.

The utility company denies the allegations and has said that it is disappointed that the county rushed to court before conducting its own investigations. The company also argues that the county’s lawsuit compromises evidence in its own ongoing investigation. It says that third parties who removed or disposed of evidence outside its control may be subject to federal prosecution.

In addition to pursuing individual claims, families of loved ones who were killed in the fires can file wrongful death suits against Hawaiian Electric. These lawsuits can seek compensation for the loss of a loved one, including financial and non-financial losses such as past medical bills, funeral costs, emotional distress, and more.