“The first point that British international students should pay attention to when renting a house is the price. Ask a few more and compare. Generally, the house near the school will be about 1/4 more expensive, and the student accommodation in Edinburgh near the city center will be more expensive. The second point is the location, choose the one close to the school or close to the city center and close to the main traffic road. The third point is security, security and price are also closely related.

In fact, all major newspapers in the UK have listing pages with detailed information, and some even have photos. Dial the number of listings in newspapers and usually only get in touch with the intermediary company, and cannot directly contact the landlord. As a student, you can also contact the school’s Housing Office and ask for a Housing List. You can also find rental housing information on domestic forums for studying in the UK. Some foreign students who are about to graduate will post their housing information on the BBS. Most of the leases of these houses expire in August or September.

When renting a house in Edinburgh, balance in all aspects is very important

Select the landlord and check the subway map, circle the houses within two subway stations near the school, and then compare the rent. Listing has landlord’s phone number. When calling, explain where you got the rental information, show the landlord that you are interested in taking a look, and finally make an appointment with the landlord. Some landlords will ask some specific information when they receive a call, such as where you are from, where you study, how many people there are in total, etc., just answer truthfully. The landlord basically requires you to meet directly at the Edinburgh student accommodation, so it is best to ask the landlord to spell out the important place names, so as not to go wrong in finding a place.

In addition to personal preferences, there are a few points to pay attention to when looking at a house. Is it double glazing? Because I live in the UK, it is cold outside in winter, and the double glazing is better in heat preservation. Is the bath water burning gas or electricity? Gas burning is better, because the price is much cheaper than electricity. In addition, is the indoor furniture complete? Are the appliances in the kitchen complete? How new and old? How many bathrooms are there? These are all issues to be considered. Finally, we need to know how to pay for water, electricity, gas, telephone, and Internet access? Because most houses on the Housing List do not include these fees, you must ask the landlord how to pay these fees, the starting date of the fees and other details.

Additionally, accommodation providers should conduct regular maintenance checks to ensure that facilities and infrastructure are in good condition. Prompt response to maintenance issues, such as plumbing or electrical problems, not only ensures students’ comfort but also prevents potential hazards.

Sign a contract to study and live in the UK. After the house is settled, you have to sign a contract with the landlord. Many websites will provide rental contracts. It is best to go to these websites to find out before signing the contract. The contract will state the obligations of the landlord and the tenant, so you must read it carefully before signing the contract. Dear students, before you rent a house, you must read more and consider more, and weigh it.”

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