My grandmother always said…

“One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is teaching them how to share and tithe…starting with your own family!

That’s why my 4 children share a room. Boys share a room… and girls share a room. Even mom and dad share a room!

It is very important that children learn to share and be generous in order to get along with others and be truly happy as adults.

What better way to learn to share than to have to share with your brother or sister? They also share certain toys, again learning the importance of sharing.

Doesn’t your heart warm when someone shares something special with you? It can be chocolate (my favourite!), a homemade cake, a compliment, or just a smile.

But it is difficult to teach children the importance of tithing their money.

And it’s even more challenging with young children!

Here are 3 fun games that will help your toddler understand what it means to tithe:

1. Race to give

Gather 10 items (candy, marbles, small toys, etc.) and place them at one end of the room.

Place a mat with 10 points for each item.

Now have your children run to place the 10 items on their mat.

Then ask them which of the 10 items they would like to give back to Jesus as a thank you for all their good fortune.

This teaches them to return (tithe) 10% of their blessings.

2. Count your blessed coins

Count 10 different coins for your toddlers to see.

And be sure to tell them which president or important person is on which coin!

Then ask them to choose a blessed coin that they think Jesus would like.

Now explain that they just titled God!

3. Buy to share

Play a shopping game with play money in which your child goes to the store to buy 10 items.

Then ask what item they will share with Jesus.

happy thing!