Can I purchase your jerky subscription in different quantities?

A jerky subscription is the perfect gift for your food-loving friends and family. It’s the ultimate snack-delivery service that will fuel their adventurous side while supporting local small-town artisan crafters.

Keep your pantry, cupboards, glove box, and pants pockets stocked with the best-tasting craft jerky in town. Choose the quantity that fits your lifestyle, and easily skip or cancel anytime. You can purchase our jerky subscription in different quantities.

A jerky subscription is the perfect gift for someone who loves beef jerky. They can enjoy it on the go, in their lunch bag, or at home while watching TV. It is a great snack food that is full of flavor and has high protein content.

Whether they love spicy or mild jerky, there is something to satisfy their cravings. They will also have the opportunity to try new flavors that they might not be able to find at their local store.

We offer three different types of jerky subscriptions to choose from: two bags of premium artisan jerky delivered monthly, six or eight bags of premium artisan jerky delivered every other month, and our Jerky of the Season club with new selections each spring, summer, fall, and winter. You can also purchase a one-time prepaid jerky subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months. Each option includes a free Richardson Snapback Hat and a full-color card with your personal message for the recipient.

You can purchase our jerky subscription as a gift.

Our jerky subscription is an excellent gift for friends and family. This is because it will allow them to enjoy our top quality artisan meat snacks on a regular basis. It is also a great way to show them how much you care about them.

Our small premium beef jerky subscription package is perfect for anyone who loves the taste of adventure. With this package, you’ll get a variety of flavors delivered to your door monthly. You can swap out flavors in-between deliveries, if you’d like to try something new!

To purchase our jerky subscription as a gift, simply add it to your cart and enter your recipient’s shipping information. After that, select “Subscribe & Save” and choose your desired delivery frequency. Afterwards, your subscription will automatically renew and you can edit or cancel it at any time. You’ll also get access to subscriber pricing on all shop orders! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

You can purchase our jerky subscription as a monthly subscription.

Our monthly subscription is the best way to ensure that you have enough of our premium jerky on hand. It’s also a great gift idea for someone else.

A Jerky Subscription is a great way to try new flavors, discover small-town artisans, and support local businesses. We work with the most dedicated artisan jerky-makers in America to make sure that you receive high-quality meat snacks every month.

Each box contains two bags of our jerky, and you can customize the contents of each package by selecting your preferred flavors. You can even swap out flavors in-between shipments.

For those who love to stock up their pantry, cupboards, glove boxes, and pants pockets with Top Notch Jerky, this option is perfect for you. You’ll never have to run out or remember to go shopping for jerky again! We’ll send you a shipment monthly until you cancel. You can change or skip a month at any time, and you’ll get subscriber pricing on all shop orders.

You can purchase our jerky subscription as a quarterly subscription.

Maintaining a steady supply of beef jerky can be challenging. It requires near-constant trips to the store (which may be difficult if you’re prone to distractions like large cups of carbonated sugar water and novelty baseball hats), and the ability to remember to stock up without getting distracted or forgetting all about your jerky before returning home.

Our quarterly subscription option offers the convenience of rolling shipments every three months. You’ll save 10% on the price of your jerky club and your subscription will be automatically renewed each quarter until you cancel.

Jerky of the Month clubs are the perfect gift for any jerky lover. They offer a great way to try new and exciting flavors each month. And with options ranging from two bags of premium artisan jerky delivered monthly to eight bags shipped every other month, there’s a jerky subscription for any lifestyle. When you check out, you can also add a personal gift note for the recipient.