Whether you’re hosting the annual family reunion, trying to find room for all the raw and cooked foods, or just juggling a busy life, this special time of year is full of opportunities to screw up all your plans. However, never fear! There are simple ways to make your kitchen work for you during the holidays and the rest of the year.

Get organized!

First, start with a good idea of ​​what you need to prepare for your vacation. Review and order your cabinets; you may find items you didn’t even know you had. This will save you time and money and keep you from running to the store a dozen times.

Then organize your tools and ingredients beforehand. This will make serving and cleanup a piece of cake. This may seem easier said than done. How, one might ask, do you go about creating this kind of organization?

Find your missing counters and drawers

Large appliances often take up counter space. The easiest way to get your surfaces back is by installing an appliance lift. These install easily into most cabinets and slide in and out with minimal effort. Pull out your appliances when you need them and store them neatly when you don’t. By keeping your appliances in cabinets instead of on top of the counter, you’ll have a larger work surface and take the strain out of lifting heavy machinery.

Another organizational risk is the clutter created by utensils in drawers. Keep your utensils neat and easy to reach using a simple insert. With separate sections and universal sizes, drawer inserts are the best way to ensure you can always find the right spoon, rather than accidentally grabbing the garlic press.

it is a matter of taste

No dish is complete without a pinch of this or a sprig of that. But where did you put “this” and “that”? With all the hustle and bustle in the kitchen, you might grab a jar of cream of tartar, which won’t enhance your cookies like powdered sugar. However, it is possible to avoid this chaos. A spice rack installed specifically for your cabinet doors will hold all the spices you know you have, and some that might have been hidden away in a dark corner of your cabinet. Everything will taste just right, and you’ll know where to find the nutmeg when you need it.

Your kitchen is not a dump

So, you have peeled and sliced, sautéed and roasted, baked and boiled every single piece of food in your home. What’s left? A garbage bag that has long since ceased to contain the mountain of garbage that you have produced. Instead of getting the whole family involved in a large amount of trash, buy a good-sized slide-out trash can. This type of can can be placed under the sink or in any convenient cabinet. You’ll be able to dump the trash when you need to, and at more manageable intervals, you’ll be able to take out the full bags. Most importantly, the smell and mess will be isolated inside the slide-out can and out of reach of your nose.

clean it all

At the end of your festivities, you will undoubtedly be tempted to throw away all those dirty dishes and start over. Don’t worry, once you start cleaning it will go very fast, if only you could find the sponge! If you have a faux cabinet front on your sink, you’re in luck. Flip-out trays fit into these waste areas and keep your sponges and accessories clean and dry. Also, rinse your dishes while you put them in the sink. You will see the difference.

The house is clean, the kitchen is organized, and the food is cooked. Now, it’s time to serve the food, enjoy each other’s company and relax after your hard work. You have earned it!

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