Bowling, like any other sport, has a set of do’s and don’ts so everyone can enjoy the game. The rules are based on common sense and express courtesy and good sportsmanship.

Here are ten of the most important:

1) YIELD ‘right of way’ When two bowlers are in adjacent lanes, and simultaneously ready to play, the bowler to the right bowls first. The other thrower must remain outside or behind the approach area. This rule does not apply if the pitcher on the left is looking for a replacement.

2) DO NOT take a practice swing with your bowling ball in the concourse or behind the driveway. Wait until you are in focus before doing any practice exercises.

3) Be ready when it’s your turn to bowl. Stay in your lane area while your teammates are bowling, don’t walk away.

4) DO NOT use an excessive amount of body turns at the foul line after throwing the ball. Limit your ‘English’ body to its own lane.

5) Bowl immediately when it’s your turn. Once you have your ball, take your position and begin your pitch, there is no need to wait for the lanes to clear on either side of you before you pitch, just observe the ‘right of way’ rule.

6) DO NOT introduce food or drink in the sofa or bowler area, a drop of liquid or any type of foreign substance spilled on the approach could cause a slip and serious injury.

7) WAIT until you have completed the box before checking your score. Do not return to the scorer after the first ball has been rolled.

8) DO NOT place the jockey on the bench while others are bowling. Friendly banter is an accepted part of the sport, but don’t overdo it. Be a good competitor.

9) RETURN your bowling shoes to the counter control desk after bowling, and if you have borrowed a ‘house ball’ return it to the storage rack.

10) DO NOT linger at the free throw line after releasing the ball. As soon as your ball touches the pins, return to your seat.