Corporate Executive Protection (CXP) teams working in Nigeria’s major urban centers such as Abuja and Lagos must be wary of rising violent crime. Armed attacks, muggings, undisciplined Nigerian Police checkpoints on highways, kidnappings, hostage-taking, and boat hijackings make the place very dangerous.

Don’t be careless when on CXP assignments in Nigeria, carelessness kills. There is a high level of crime in the city center and on the outskirts of Lagos. This includes armed robbery, hostage-taking, and violent assault with an armed force. Robberies and robberies carried out by large, well-armed groups on a daily basis and the police response is non-existent. Hotel room thefts are also a serious concern in Lagos and are on the rise in Abuja.

Petty crimes such as pickpocketing, petty physical violence and bag snatching are common in all the crowded places in Nigeria. Learn the geography of the city and stay alert in public markets, on beaches, and while walking on the sidewalks. Please stay especially for client safety upon arrival in Lagos as incidents of armed robbery and car theft are high along main routes to international and domestic airports this is the most dangerous time of the assignment.

The CXP team should approach Lagos like any other violent environment in the Third World. Avoid traveling after dark and especially to the outskirts of the city of Lagos. Your CXP team should implement best performing protective measures for your clients in Lagos and throughout Nigeria. All the best and stay out of harm’s way.