With the advent of the digital camera, it’s much easier for almost everyone to take great pictures. More and more people are turning to the digital camera because they are so easy to use. However, you can do more than just take family photos. In fact, you can sell digital photos taken with your camera online, and you don’t have to be a professional photographer to do so.

There are several different websites where you can upload your digital photos and place them in a gallery for sale online. You can even set your own prices and determine the rights you sell.

For example, the photostockplus site is great for those who want to make money from photography. They have an easy upload system that allows you to upload only low-quality photos to your gallery. Only when one of the photos is sold do you have to upload a high resolution image.

Plus, you set the prices and keep up to eighty-five percent markup prices – if you take good-quality photos that could be used by a variety of different people and companies, then you can earn a hefty sum.

However, you can sell more than just prints. Site customers can add their photos to a variety of other gift products including clothing, mugs, mouse pads, playing cards, puzzles and much more.

Because all these other options exist, you can make even more money with a hobby you enjoy anyway. There is nothing better than earning money doing something you love.