Tags are a great way to organize and group data in the New Relic platform. They can be used in the UI and in different features such as dashboards, workflows, and NRQL condition alerts. Tags also have a number of customization options that allow you to tailor their usage for your organization.

Team tags allow you to assign custom Tags to videos from a match-overview page with just one keystroke (or touch on a phone or tablet). To access the Team TV Tag tagging menu, click the tag-icon in the top-left corner of the video. To add a Team tag, you can either select an existing one from the list or create a new one on the fly. A Team tag can have up to 200 members. You can also set the option to pin this Team tag in the sidebar for easier access.

When a Teamtag is added to an article, it becomes visible for all members. However, you can change this default by navigating to the article settings and changing the “Pin this Team tag in the sidebar” setting. You can use tags to categorize and group information in the UI for different types of conversations. For example, a team could be tagged as “Development” or “Announcements”. Tags can help you navigate through conversations within a category and make it easy to find specific information.

What customization options are available in Teamtag?

Teams can also be created to manage a single type of project or task. This allows you to organize and prioritize your work within a team while providing visibility and accountability for each member of the team. Teams can also be used to provide security and control, such as limiting who can view or comment on certain types of content in the UI.

If you’re using the frontline deployment tool, you can create team tags to reach specific groups of people. These can be based on department or job title, for example, and are automatically assigned to conversations in the Frontline tools (coming soon). When creating a team, you can also customize who can manage the tags by selecting an option from the Who can manage tags setting. By default, this is set to team owners and members. If you want to limit this, you can set it to guests or any other value.

The tag naming conventions in New Relic are based on the standard Tag naming conventions that you can use to define tags in your organization. When using a tag name in a custom attribute, you must prefix it with the teamname> tag to avoid conflicts with other tags that have similar names in your environment.

You can use the Tags management API to manage tags in your organization using PowerShell cmdlets. For example, you can use the New-MgTeamTag cmdlet to create a new team tag with a display name and the amount of entities it contains. You can also add or remove a tag member using the same cmdlet, with the user referenced by their Azure AD object ID. You can also use the Get-MgTeamTag cmdlet to retrieve all team tags in your environment.