Eczema under the eyes can be frustrating and unsightly, and virtually impossible to cover! The truth is, no one wants to be so insecure about their appearance, and eczema doesn’t help anyone with that. So to get rid of eczema under the eyes, there are some simple things you can do to heal damaged skin and regain control of your health.

First of all, I recommend washing your hands and face regularly with a hydrating wash like Cetaphil. Every time you touch an allergen and touch your face, your eyes will become puffy and puffy and start to itch. You can’t have that! Wash your hands and under your nails to clean any allergens you may have caught to keep these symptoms at bay. If necessary, you can even apply a light medicated cream to your face to keep your skin healthy and help it recover, but make sure it is a light cream that adapts well to your face, which is more sensitive than other parts of your body. . . Heavy steroid-based creams should not be used for eczema under the eyes!

Next, we want to reevaluate the diet! To do that, you need to find out what your personal eczema triggers are! Everyone has a different trigger than they are allergic to when it comes to eczema. So to find out which ones are yours, go to a licensed dermatologist and ask them to do a skin allergy test. This simple test involves placing various substances like tomato and food coloring on the skin to see what the skin reacts to. Whatever has the harshest reaction to is the thing to avoid the most!

Finally, practice an elimination diet and lifestyle. Take what you find that hurts your skin the most and eliminate it from every aspect of your life! If pet hair irritates you, clean and vacuum twice a week and keep pets out of the bedroom and out of coats. If oranges irritate your eye eczema, don’t drink orange juice in the morning. Switch to apple juice or milk. Simple changes like that can make a big difference.