garden fountain looks amazing when freshly installed. And even when the effects of weather and age are obvious, the garden fountain seems to charm everyone. But that doesn’t mean you neglect uneven flow and cloudy water in your garden fountain.

to keep your garden fountain In your perfect look, you have to take into account the following tips:

Water flow is a very common problem, some homeowners experience this some time after the fountain is running, it usually means that the water in your garden fountain is flowing unevenly.

In this case, the most likely diagnosis is that the garden fountain is sagging unevenly or the garden fountain was uneven from the start, thus favoring leaning to one side.

You can try this solution, garden fountain it must be built on strong, stable and precisely level ground because these determine the outcome of the fountain. But, if it’s too late to make a repair, try putting silicone sealants on the bulges that are leaking water. Silicone sealants will control the flow of water and will not obstruct the appearance of the garden fountain.

Another problem many homeowners have is that the water in the garden fountain is green, dirty or cloudy, if this is caused by an element unrelated to the care and general maintenance and cleaning of the fountain, you should think about replenishing the water and treating the algae that have spread in your fountain.

Green water is caused by algae. Put an animal-safe algae treatment on your garden fountain. Take note of the word ‘animal safe’ because the birds are drinking at your garden fountain. Also, regularly drain your garden fountain. Clean it by scrubbing. Refill it with tap water. Dirty and cloudy water should be avoided so that your garden fountain is the center of attraction and not a nuisance to the eyes.

Try to keep a regular maintenance and cleaning schedule for your fountain, you can easily spot problems when you regularly visit the fountain and clean it, it is very easy to troubleshoot a maintained and clean device.

Most people who have a garden fountain have invested enough time and energy, not to mention money, to have a nice looking water feature in your backyard, garden or home, you should maintain a regular maintenance and cleaning procedure for all the water features in your home, it will allow you to use them for years and would keep your fountain in perfect condition, which will be seen not only when it is working, but also while it is static.

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