If you are a caterer, restaurant owner or baker, you understand the importance of a good quality oven. Having a reliable oven is critical to the success of a food preparation business. If you have researched your kitchen equipment, you would have heard of a Piron oven. If you haven’t, then it may be the right time to learn more about the benefits of these ovens.

In this article, I’ll take a look at the features of these advanced technology Piron ovens and why the industry places such importance on them. These are the characteristics:

Stainless Steel Chamber – These ovens are equipped with a rounded stainless steel inner chamber. It is easier and faster to clean as well as having the hygiene factor. Other ovens are typically only made of steel and have a box-shaped interior that doesn’t make cleaning easy. Piron ovens have introduced a new rounded chamber that makes a difference.

Turbo Cold Cooling System – This is a unique feature of Piron ovens. As the oven heats up inside, the cooling system maintains a lower external temperature. Thus, it adds a degree of safety to the oven during use. In addition, it contains motors that can run constantly during high internal temperatures. This makes it quite durable for long periods of time.

180 degree door opening: some models of Piron ovens are equipped with a door that can be opened 180 degrees. This flexibility gives the chef more freedom and adds an element of convenience and safety.

Digital Display – These modern ovens are equipped with digital display screens that allow you to set the temperature, timer, fan speed, regulate steam, store cooking times in memory, and set cooking phases. You literally have all the functions of the oven at your fingertips.

Safety microswitch: the oven is automatically set to switch off when the door is opened, giving a unique safety aspect to this modern concept.

Double glass: the ovens are equipped with a double glass door and an air gap. This keeps the external glass cool, which is another safety feature. Additionally, the door hinges are built for optimal balance to ensure long-term durability.

Removable Side Racks – The side racks inside the oven can be removed to fit almost any cooking container. This gives the chef a greater degree of flexibility when planning the next meal.

Halogen lamps: Piron ovens are equipped with halogen lamps. This allows for better and clearer visibility inside the chamber.

Piron ovens are a modern marvel that adds convenience, safety, and quality to your baking efforts. The technology is unbeatable and they are reliable and durable kitchen equipment.

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